Books and Bricks: Feminist Edition – Volume 1

Welcome to Books and Bricks!
This is the beginning of an exciting project brought to you by the Red
and Black Collective based in Malmo, Sweden.

As mentioned on the opening page of the zine we kindly would like to
remind readers that this is a new project and it’s possible we will make
some mistakes – we hope to learn and grow from them. We would also like
to ask our readers to assist us in our growth, if you would like to make
a suggestion on ways in which we can improve ourselves, please get in
touch with us via our riseup e-mail. We are looking forward to hearing
your thoughts, opinions and critiques!

Furthermore, we would like to express that our submissions are a
combination of our own and others. While we would never publish
something that strongly goes against our values, we also make a
conscious decision to not censor our comrade’s politics too harshly. The
reason for mentioning this is because the content published in Books and
Bricks do not necessarily represent the views and opinions of the
Collective as a whole, the contributors as a whole nor any one
individual contributor aside from the individual that wrote it.

Regarding this first edition, us here at Books and Bricks would like to
pay special attention to a particular piece titled Perspectives on the
Nordic Model of Sex Work Criminalization. We would like to take a moment
to clearly state that the Red and Black Collective does not hold a
shared position on the topic of sex work; which is an especially touchy
topic here in the Nordics. Our collective holds an array of perspectives
and opinions regarding sex work due largely to the varied
internationalities that makes up our collective.

While some of us hold very strong opinions that diverge with other
members, we have taken this oppourtunity to discuss with one another our
array of thoughts on the subject rather than shy away from the topic
entirely or, even worse, divide us. We believe our differences are often
what ultimately make us stronger and push us to grow in order to help
build the society we collectively strive for.

We hope readers that disagree with the particular text use it as a point
for further discussion rather than disregard the content entirely and we
hope others find the opinions useful and/or worthy of reflection.

Thank you kindly and we sincerely hope you enjoy our first edition.

  • * Edit – Higher Resolution

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